16.9oz.: $6.99

32oz.: $10.99

64oz.: $17.99

6.5% ABV

Fire Maker Chatahooch-Tea

As Southerners, we grew up finding refreshment in the form of a tall glass of sweet tea. Sitting on the back porch in the evening, listening to the crickets and watching the fireflies – that was as good as life could get. And then we got older and found beer. Which presented a problem: we had to *choose* between beer and sweet tea at times, creating internal conflict and unnecessary stress. Yeah, life gets hard. So we figured, why not combine the two? We created Chattahooch-Tea IPA, a lactose IPA brewed with two types of tea and hopped with Lemondrop and Motueka, hops known for their lemon and lime flavors. Double dry hopped and full of flavor, Chattahooch-Tea is a true Southern treat.