16.9oz.: $4.99

32oz.: $8.99

64oz.: $14.99

3.8% ABV

Red Hare Ain't That a Peach

Brewed with PEACHES, pilsen, wheat, and 2-row malted barley — with a dash of German Hallertau hops, Red Hare’s “Ain’t That a Peach” ale delivers a refreshing experience like the wind in your hair on a vintage Fokker D.II biplane! The fresh peach aroma hits your nose, followed by awesome tartness with your first sip. Lactobacillus added in the kettle creates just the right amount of lactic acid tartness to blend magically with the sweet peaches. You’ll love this beer as it takes your taste buds somewhere between a sour gummy candy, and your Momma’s sweet tea!