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Every Tuesday at 4pm we will tap a hard to find, often limited keg. Since we try to feature the latest beer releases, and kegs are often delivered Tuesday morning, we do not have a schedule of upcoming beers. To find out which rare beer is being tapped head over to our FacebookTwitter or Instagram every Tuesday. We will also try to update this page as soon as we know which keg will be featured.

January 12th:
Rare Beer Tuesday - Cascade Brewing:
If you are familiar with Cascade, you know that they do some crazy stuff when it comes sour ales. Cascade specializes in barrel-aged sours brewed with ingredients grown in the Pacific Northwest. We are currently pouring two amazing Cascade Sours:

  • Sang Royal 2017, a 9.6% ABV barrel-aged sour brewed with Pinot Noir grape juice
  • Vlad the Imp Aler 2019, a 10.3% sour quad/blonde blend aged in bourbon and wine barrels with orange peel and coriander.

If you are into funky sour beers, these are some brews you need to check out!


8oz: $6.99
32oz: $23.99

*Supplies are limited! May sell out quickly*

Here are a few of our previous Rare Beer offerings:
January 5th - Hubbard's Cave Raspberry French Toast Stout
December 15th - Parrish Attacus Atlas
December 8th - Creature Comforts Living on the Sun

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