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16.9oz.: $6.99

32oz.: $10.99

64oz.: $17.99

8.6% ABV

30 IBU

Southern Tier Pumking

The King of pumpkin beers. All Hallow’s Eve is a time of the year when spirits can make contact with the physical world, and when magic is most potent. It is thought that we harness this magic to...Read more

16.9oz.: $5.99

32oz.: $9.99

64oz.: $16.99

6.5% ABV

21 IBU

Ommegang Rare Vos

Rare Vos Amber Ale is styled after the smooth, drinkable beers popular in Belgian cafés. It pours a light copper hue, contrasting beautifully with a big, creamy white head. The nose offers orange...Read more

8oz.: $10.99

16.9oz.: $22.99

32oz.: $37.99

5.3% ABV

Tilquin Quetsche

This new beer is a lighter version of our Oude Questche Tilquin à l'ancienne. Same recipe as the Oude Questche Tilquin à l'ancienne with 250 gr fresh plums per liter, but lighter in alcohol...Read more

16.9oz.: $7.99

32oz.: $12.99

64oz.: $21.99

5.5% ABV

Wild Leap Vacanza

To help round out the sweet, yet tart flavor profile, Vacanza is brewed with over 500 pounds of fresh raspberries per batch. This considerable amount of fruit gives Vacanza a rich pink color,...Read more

16.9oz.: $14.99

32oz.: $28.99

64oz.: $57.99

Tablas Creek Rosé

On the nose are explosive aromatics of nectarine, wild strawberries, grapefruit and jasmine. The mouth is rich but vibrant, with flavors of rubired grapefruit, plum, mineral, spice and rose petals.Read more

16.9oz.: $14.99

32oz.: $27.99

64oz.: $55.99

Dry Creek Zinfandel

The 2013 Heritage Vines Zinfandel continues the string of delicious and beautifully balanced versions of this wine. This vintage presents enticing aromatics of fresh blackberries, black cherry and...Read more

16.9oz.: $4.99

32oz.: $8.99

64oz.: $14.99

4.5% ABV

Dry County Hurricane

This cocktail inspired kettle sour is the first of our Neon Totem series! Inspired by the delicious Hurricane cocktail, it hits on notes of pineapple, cherry, and passionfruit. Sure to be your pool...Read more

16.9oz.: $4.99

32oz.: $8.99

64oz.: $14.99

4.4% ABV

20 IBU

Founders Solid Gold

Our brewery was built on an attitude of no regrets. An attitude of taking risks to bring the best beer possible to our fellow renegades and rebels. Never brewing to style, but always brewing what we...Read more

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6 containers, 56 taps to fill them.

We have 56 taps to fill your growlers and crowlers with fresh craft beer or wine. Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Come see us. We can help.