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8oz.: $5.99

16.9oz.: $10.99

32oz.: $19.99

Demarie Arneis

In traditional local culture, the name Arneis is given to someone who is an extrovert, a bit of a rebel, original but with a certain charm. For this reason we are proud to present this fine white...Read more

16.9oz.: $4.99

32oz.: $8.99

64oz.: $14.99

5.3% ABV

Eventide Kölsch

Solid beer with good base malt characteristics, hints of lemongrass from the hops, med-dry finish with hop pop at the end. A very clean, easy drinking beer that fits any mood.Read more

16.9oz.: $4.99

32oz.: $8.99

64oz.: $13.99

5.1% ABV

Ommegang Witte

Witte is our version of the classic Belgian wit or "white" ale. Witte, which is actually Flemish for white, is brewed with malted and unmalted wheat, orange peel, and coriander - offering a...Read more

16.9oz.: $6.99

32oz.: $10.99

64oz.: $17.99

6.6% ABV

Burial Haysaw

The first beer we ever professionally brewed. This was once known as Pitchfork, and later took on this new identity. Stacks of dead remains of the field's floor provide a canvas for life, as...Read more

16.9oz.: $5.99

32oz.: $9.99

64oz.: $15.99

7.0% ABV

Eventide Kattegat

Can you navigate Kattegat? This style, unlike its better known cousin the Robust Porter, doesn't have the deep roasted, burnt notes, noticeable hops, and prevalent esters. Our Baltic Porter will...Read more

16.9oz.: $5.99

32oz.: $9.99

64oz.: $16.99

5.5% ABV

Burial Shadowclock

Time. Its story is often lost in the depiction of its result. Basking in the rays of the sun, the clock casts a new shadow and ushers in refreshing new life. What was once here has cured, transformed...Read more

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6 containers, 56 taps to fill them.

We have 56 taps to fill your growlers and crowlers with fresh craft beer or wine. Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Come see us. We can help.