5 Refreshing Wines to Help Survive Atlanta’s Heat

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No one wants to wear a winter coat to the beach. The same goes for choosing wine for summer days. Sure, you love to snuggle up in your furry parka, but it’s the wrong season!

So, when you’re dusting off your summer linens and seersucker, it might be time to refresh your wine collection too. Our favorite summer wines are the lighter, fruitier assortments that pair well with easy sipping and breezy afternoons.

Riesling: Overall Best for Summer

If you love a glass of lemonade on a hot day, why not elevate your beverage to a Riesling? This light-bodied white wine boasts some of the highest levels of acidity to serve as the ultimate summer pick-me-up.

We love the brightness of lemon and lime in riesling, followed by fruity notes of apple, pear, and peach.

Pinot Grigio: Best for Afternoon Picnics

Famous for the floral aromas of jasmine and lemongrass, this dry white wine makes the perfect addition to a garden party or picnic. The crisp, earthy flavors complement creamy cheeses and baguettes for all your charcuterie dreams.

You can expect a sip of pinot grigio to showcase robust aromas of herbs and spices, followed by subtle peach and citrus flavors.

Sparkling Wine: Best for Summer Socials

Who can resist a fizzy flute of white wine? We can’t! These sparkling gems extend even beyond regions of France (although a sip of summer Champagne would certainly suffice). The simplicity and versatility of sparkling white wines pair perfectly with a casual summer soiree.

We love the bright fruit flavors that shine in sparkling wines, and of course, the sweetness that kicks in after the initial burst of bubbles.

Rosé: Best for a Dinner Party

This blended wine will be the star of any dinner party for its pleasant mouthfeel, balanced flavors, and abundant pairings. Because winemakers often make rosé with multiple grape varietals, the flavor profiles can be as unique as they are delicious.

Our favorite rosés show off flavors of fruit, herbs, celery, and sweetness.

Grenache: Best Light Red Wine

If you’re a sucker for red wines all year long, try grenache this summer. This is one of our favorite light reds because of the rich candied fruit flavors and low tannins. The higher sugar and alcohol content of this wine gives it a complex edge that will elevate any twilight summer evening.

We appreciate grenache’s deep fruit flavors with lingering notes of spices like cinnamon and anise.

Have you paired these summer wines with your favorite summer scenes? If you’d like even more ideas, visit us in store or check out our current on tap offerings!

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