The Best Fall Beers That Aren't Pumpkin-Flavored

Pints of beer in front of seasonal fall vegetables.

When fall beers come out starting each August, one style tends to dominate the taps and retail shelves: pumpkin beer.

While we can’t deny the appeal of that pumpkin pie taste, you may want to enjoy some different fall-worthy beers. When the leaves turn and there’s a nip in the air, try these beers instead.


A Belgian style of beer fermented with wild yeast, saisons were historically brewed in farmhouses to be drunk by thirsty laborers during summer harvest. And while they are drinkable enough for summer, the peppery, hoppy character of saisons makes them a delightful fall pick.

Each saison gets its own unique character from the brewer, but generally you can expect high carbonation, dryness, and spice. In fall, look for saisons that boast floral, woodsy notes or flavors of oak and vanilla. You’ll even find seasonal harvest flavors like squash and sweet potato.

Brown Ales

Brown ales are ideal for fall because they’re the perfect midpoint between light, refreshing summer brews and dark, heavy beers. Known for their toasted, malty flavor, brown ales are nutty and subtly sweet (caramel or chocolate notes are common).

A food-friendly style of beer, brown ales pair well with aged Gouda, red meat, or roasted autumn vegetables. They're also a great pick for beer bread.

Stouts and Porters

When you’re ready to bust out the flannel and fuzzy socks, it’s time for stouts and porters. Some will say these are winter beers, and they wouldn’t be wrong! But there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying something dark and delicious as soon as the temperature drops.

They’re both dark, creamy beers—what’s the difference? Brewers disagree on the finer points, but porters generally use malted barley. Stouts are more likely to contain unmalted, roasted barley (and thus have a darker, roasted, and slightly more bitter taste compared to porters). 

Whatever your preference, both stouts and porters often boast comforting flavors like chocolate, coffee, vanilla, coconut, oat, and even peanut butter. They're the perfect choice for curling up next to the fire on a cold night.

Ready to find the perfect beer for autumn evenings? Browse our current offerings online or come and see us. We're always happy to recommend a seasonal brew based on your tastes.

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