Ever Wonder How We Decide How Much Beer and How Much Wine to Offer?

Beer taps

But you might be wondering why we offer so much less wine on tap than we do beer. 12 taps of wine, that is, with the rest (44) being beer. This isn’t a hard and fast figure, but simply current representation of how we see the balance of availability. In other words, there are many more beers available on tap than there are wine, although this state of affairs is changing in wine’s favor. Nonetheless, we’re talking about a nascent industry here – relatively speaking – so it’ll be interesting to see how things actually evolve. Perhaps a better way to think about it is to consider how the beer line-up is determined – with 44 taps, we’re still talking about a tremendous amount of beers that are available to us, but simply aren’t chosen; our beer director can therefore truly curate what he wants to offer.

On the wine side, the goals are the same: these are wines I’ve chosen among many left on the table; these are wines I would not hesitate to buy if they were presented as regular bottles. If you have questions, don't be shy, just come in and ask. I love to talk wine, and I'd love to help you pick something out. Cheers!   



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