What is a Mexican-Style Lager?

Three Mexican-style lagers with chips in background

Lagers are among the most celebrated (not to mention widely-consumed) beers out there. What distinguishes the Mexican-style lager from the rest of the pack?

How did this variation on the traditional lager begin? And what is its flavor profile like?

Let’s dive in and find out.

What is a Mexican-style lager?

Celebrated across North America for its medium bitterness and drinkability, the Mexican-style lager is a delectable light-bodied beer with a rich history arcing back nearly two centuries into the past—back to the days of Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph Habsburg of Austria, the short-reigned “Emperor” of Mexico who was installed with the backing of Napoleon III of France.

The style of lager that we have come to know and love today was the result of Mexican and Austrian brewing styles colliding in Habsburg-era Mexico.

When Austria’s Vienna-style lager arrived in Mexico with Habsburg and other Austrians, local brewers began incorporating a cheap, readily available ingredient into that lager’s production process: maize.

This type of corn, native to Central America, totally transformed the Viennese lager, and basically gave us the Mexican-style lager that we know and love today.

Light, sweet, refreshing flavor

Light and sweet, with a faint, pleasant starchiness that’s unmistakably the result of its corn base, Mexican-style lagers practically insist on being garnished with lime, for just a hint of brightness.

Making a dish with a bit of a kick to it? Mexican-style lagers are the perfect foil for spicy meals—like red chile tacos—because they neutralize the intense, lingering heat with a smooth, refreshing flavor.

Not cooking anything special? No worries. These lagers are excellent companions on hot summer afternoons by the pool, with or without snacks.

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