Meet the Team

What do you want to know? We have the answers!

Here at Tap on Ponce, our team loves what they do, and we can't wait to help you get to know your beer or wine. Whether you want to learn more about your favorites or find something new, we're ready. We’re here to help you explore the possibilities.

Camden Smith

Beer/Wine Consultant

Camden worked at a local Atlanta brewery for two years and was surrounded by talented brewers, cellarmen, and beer geeks that have broadened his knowledge of the brewing processes. He is always excited to read about new innovations in the brewing world and see the evolution of new beer scenes.

Craig J. Davis

Beer Manager

Craig is an Eagle Scout, graduate of Georgia Tech, and beer connoisseur. Craig is also a foodie at heart with a wicked palate for all types of beer. Craig and his wife like to travel to breweries in the Southeast, especially Asheville, and beyond to learn and expand their palates.

Matt King

Beer/Wine Consultant

Matt has been in the beer and wine business for over 5 years. Some of his specific interests are old world wines, especially those of France and Italy - and in a similar vein the traditional brewing styles of Belgium and Germany most excite him when perusing a draught list.

Megan Hoffspiegel

General Manager

Megan is a native Atlantan who graduated from the College of Charleston in 2014. Her interest in wine studies was sparked by a course she took in college, where she majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Since, she has enhanced her wine education through formal classes and casual consumption