Your One-of-a-Kind Beer Shop at Ponce City Market

It Started with a Dream

For years, we had been itching to open a growler shop in Atlanta. A growler shop makes it easier to offer a wide variety of beer and wine, including offerings from smaller, independent brewers and vintners who don't have canning and bottling capabilities. We knew that Atlanta would embrace the independent spirit of such a place. Unfortunately, finding the right location was easier said than done, and we had to put the dream on hold.

Then we got a letter from the Ponce City Market, and we knew this was the opportunity we had been waiting for. 

At The Center of the Ponce City Market 

In 2016, we opened The Tap on Ponce in the Ponce City Market, one of Atlanta's most exciting real estate developments in recent history. We've since become a fixture of the PCM Food Hall—sharing our passion for beer and wine with our community in a whole new way and reaching an audience that went beyond our wildest dreams.

We're a bar-like setting where you can order a beer or wine on tap. And true to our initial vision, we offer growlers and crowlers fillable on tap, plus we're a retail store where you can pick up a variety of cans and bottles. We've got expert staff who are genuinely passionate about the beer and wine we have in store.

At PCM, you’re free to wander with a drink in hand in public areas and even in most shops.

So get an 8 oz or 16.9 oz to enjoy while you enjoy the abundant food selection in the Food Hall. Or take your beer with you while you shop, people-watch, and enjoy PCM in all its glory. Then come back for a 32oz or 64 oz to bring home.

Something for Everyone with 56 Taps

The definition of variety

With 56 taps, we can offer a large variety of beer and wine so everyone can find something they'll love. It's truly stunning to see 56 taps behind a bar. At other watering holes, a dozen might seem significant—and we offer nearly five times that. Plus, we're always bringing something new into the shop, with keg updates weekly (if not more often).

Your source for obscure finds

Even better? Because we have so many taps, we're able to bring you more obscure and unique findings. Brews from smaller providers and special releases are often only available in kegs and on tap. If you want to take some of that home without paying for a full keg, you have to find a growler store. We're happy to be this beer haven for so many people, and proud that others have taken notice of the unique space we've created. 

Beer lovers must pay a visit to The Tap on Ponce, which has dozens of beers, wines and ciders on tap. Fill anything from an 8 oz. bottle to a 64 oz. mega growler with one of the 56 different boozes flowing at this one-of-a-kind liquor store. — USA Today

Expertise to Help You Find a New Favorite

We love providing recommendations and helping our customers narrow in on what they want. It doesn’t matter your level of beer and wine knowledge, we're here to help. You can also peruse our blog to learn more about beer and wine.

Are you an IPA buff wanting to double down on hops?

Do you love pinot grigio but struggle to find a new one you like - in part because you get tripped by phrases like "mouthfeel"?

Is your beer knowledge limited to “stouts are dark,” and you want to learn more?

I’m really, really proud of our employees—they are so well educated in the beer & wines that we sell...they are young, energetic and passionate about what they do and it makes all the difference. — Tap President, Lock Reddic

Come See Us

We can’t wait for you to come in and get to know us in person. Until then, follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to. Be sure to tag your own pictures with #atthetap to show us what you’re drinking. Cheers!