Your Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Cheers at the Thanksgiving table

Three Wine Pairings that Work

With so much to plan around your Thanksgiving feast, it’s tempting to simply plop a few random wines on the table and see what happens. But, let’s consider what our centuries-old Thanksgiving tradition is all about – giving thanks for a harvest of rich foods and the company of good friends. What better setting for wine to shine? Enhance the flavors and the merriment at your table with on point wine selections.

Never fear – we’ve got some simple advice for you to follow. Our rule of thumb is to serve versatile wines that pair well with the mash up of flavors in your side dishes – stuffing to cranberry to green bean casserole. Don’t worry about pairing wine with the turkey. Turkey is pretty neutral and will go with almost any wine. 

So, what are these versatile wines? We have three great suggestions for you – a red, white, and sparkling – options to please every palate and complement your Thanksgiving menu. 

A white wine with good acidity - try a Riesling

Why it works: This wine is great for a variety of dishes and flavors. Riesling has apple, apricot, and honey flavors, which makes it rich enough for hearty sides. It also has great acidity, which is perfect for pairing with spicy and herb-filled foods. 

A fruit-forward, mouth-filling red wine - try a Zinfandel 

Why it works: Red Zins are full bodied with good flavor intensity of fruit and spice. This will stand up to the wide variety of flavors at your Thanksgiving table. It amplifies Thanksgiving spices like cinnamon and clove and pairs well with dark turkey meat.

A refreshing sparkling wine - try a California variety 

Why it works: It’s versatile and elegant with good acidity and refreshing bubbles that balance out the richness of the food. Ever crave a beer with rich foods like burgers and fried chicken? Same concept here. And of course sparkling wine adds an air of festivity to any dinner table. Bring on the toasts. 

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