Boardgames & Brew: A family friendly game night

Beer General Ponce market Wine Mar. 21, 2019

We’re joining up with Rhen's Nest Toy Shop as we unplug for a monthly game night series every 3rd Thursday of the month at Ponce City Market.

We will be providing a discount for brew purchased during game night! Attendees that purchase games during the event @ Rhen’s Nest will also enjoy a discount. It’s a win win! Weekly Games will be running game night with Rhen’s Nest Toy shop.

Stop by, say hi, and PLAY!

Check out their site HERE.

Boardgames & Beer. What’s not to love? Discounted brews on game night.

A perfect pair. No decisions, just dinner.

General Ponce market Wine Gotham Project Pinot Grigio with Botiwalla Desi Salad Mar. 13, 2019

We're not here to tell you what to do, but we'd like to. The Tap and nearby PCM Food Hall have plenty of experience making food and selling wine, so we've learned a thing or two about putting them together. But like good wine, that know-how is better when shared with friends. That's why, every week, we bring one of our 12 wines together with a gourmet dish from the Food Hall to bring you a match forged by a love of food, wine, and sharing them with you. 

March 13th:
Riding this camel through the mid-week hump...freshen up with a draft pour of our @gotham_project Pinot Grigio & @botiwalla Desi Salad.

Downward Facing Dog's from Drafts+Dogs paired with Van Duzer Pinot Noir

Mimosa Sundays

General Wine Mar. 17, 2019

Every Sunday, ALL DAY we're offering Mimosa kits for only $8.  The kits make 2-3 mimosas and are the perfect companion to brunch at Ponce City Market. 

Each kit includes:

  • 1 - 12oz can of sparkling wine
  • 1 - 12oz can of OJ
  • cups
Mimosa kits are now available ALL DAY every Sunday for only $8!