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Category: Wine

Group of people clinking glasses of white wine.

The Best Wines for Summer (That Aren’t Rosé)

Summer’s on its way, and if you’re a wine drinker, you might be ready to shift your selections from rich and full-bodied to light and refreshing. What kind of wine should you pack for your beach day, and what’s the best wine for a summer party on the patio? Rosé is an obvious choice (for good reason), but maybe it’s not for you. There are plenty...

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Category: Wine

couple toasting wine

How to Choose the Right Wine for Date Night

Valentine's Day might be over but there are still plenty of date nights in your future. If you're out to impress, choosing the right bottle might be a little intimidating. The good news is we're here to help with these tips. Get to Know the Story Even a disappointing bottle of wine can be interesting if you tell the right story—and wines can have...

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best beers and wine to pair with turkey

Beer and Wine That Go Well With Turkey

A lot goes into planning the perfect holiday dinner. You send the invites, make the lists and plan for a long weekend of grocery shopping. And while food and friendship are ingredients that make any Thanksgiving dinner memorable, why not step things up this year and plan a purposeful pairing for the evening’s main dish—the turkey. The best part...

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