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Dessert beer and wine

Dessert Beers and Wines

So you're in the mood for something sweet to finish off your meal? Many people consider dessert wines a go-to at the end of a nice meal, but there are dessert options for beer lovers as well! What is dessert wine? In the U.S., the term "dessert wine" means any sweet wine consumed after a meal. Some of the most common types of dessert wines include...

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Category: Wine

A woman serving a man a glass of whine

What are tannins?

There’s a lot to learn about wine. The geographical variations, the winemaking process, the terminology, the elaborate tasting descriptions. Surely you can enjoy wine without knowing much. And what a gift that is. But we’d argue that the more you know, the more you can appreciate the glass in front of you. So, where’s a good place to dive in? If...

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Category: Wine

Cellar full of wine barrels.

A Brief History of Wine in America

The best American wines are now globally recognized, but that wasn’t the case for most of our country’s history. Though the first Europeans to explore North America called it “Vinland” because of the abundance of grape vines they found, and French Huguenots were making Scuppernong wine in Florida as early as the mid-1500s, it would be hundreds of...

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