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The History of The Mimosa

The mimosa. A light, fizzy, refreshing favorite with the power to liven up any family get-together, make your second cousin’s baby shower tolerable, and give us all a reason to rise for an early morning brunch on any given Sunday. We've come to love this weekend tradition so much that we wanted to give credit where credit is due and learn who is...

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How your growler promotes sustainability

Ever wondered how you could reduce your environmental impact and still pack your fridge with the best craft beers around? At the Tap, we've got you covered. Our growlers and crowlers can be reused endlessly and never become waste in a landfill. Bottles and cans, on the other hand, are always thrown away or recycled. Growlers completely avoid this...

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Tap on Ponce storefront

One Year Later: A Year in Review with President, Lock Reddic

We’re thrilled to announce that it’s been a year since the Tap opened up in the Ponce City Market. And what a year it’s been. The support of the incredible people here in Ponce has transformed our simple idea – to share our passion for beer and wine with our community in a whole new way – into a fixture at the Ponce City Market that isn’t going...

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