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Line of beer taps

5 Reasons Gift Cards are the Perfect Holiday Gift

The holidays can be a struggle when it comes to gifts. They are the people you know best, but who can never give you an idea what they want for Christmas (we're looking at you, dad). Then there are the people you have no idea what to get, like your boss or your hairstylist. The good news? A Tap on Ponce gift card can work for anyone on your list...

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Wine in Kegs is Always Fresh

Wine on Tap, Just Like the Old Days

Here at The Tap, we know that the best way to get a fresh bottle of wine is to draw it straight from the keg. And our container choices let you get just the right amount, so your wine will stay fresh until you're ready. "The concept is an old idea made new again. Wine on tap has a long history in Europe, where customers can visit bars or wine co-...

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German town

A Visit to De Halve Mann Brewery

If I had to say one word about De Halve Mann (Half Moon) brewery, it'd be awesome . Smack dab in the middle of the medieval city of Bruge, it's the most visited brewery in Belgium, and for good reason, as it's a fully functional modern brewery, while also a piece of living history. Owner Xavier Vanneste is the sixth generation of the current...

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