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Category: Beer

Friends toasting together.

Celebrate American Craft Beer Week

Get Craft at The Tap American Craft Beer Week is May 14-20, making it your moral obligation to come in and have a beer. We’ll toast to all that is good and righteous about craft beer. We’ve twisted your arm, we’re sure. We truly believe there’s never been a better time to enjoy and appreciate beer. Much of that is thanks to the craft brewing...

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Category: Wine

Drinking wine

What is Green Wine?

As warmer weather rolls around, you've probably seen this Portuguese wine accompanying midday lunches and early evening dinners all around town. Ever wondered why it's so popular? We'll fill you in. A Brief History In the early 20 th Century, the farmland of Portugal’s Vinho Verde region were used mostly for corn and potatoes. Grapes were not a...

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How your growler promotes sustainability

Ever wondered how you could reduce your environmental impact and still pack your fridge with the best craft beers around? At the Tap, we've got you covered. Our growlers and crowlers can be reused endlessly and never become waste in a landfill. Bottles and cans, on the other hand, are always thrown away or recycled. Growlers completely avoid this...

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