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Category: Beer

American beers

Celebrate July Fourth with American-Style Beers

The Fourth of July is time for fireworks, cookouts, and—of course—beer. It's true that American beer has its roots in the styles brought over by our European ancestors, but over time we've taken those styles and turned them into something that's uniquely ours. If you're out celebrating on the Fourth, make sure you add some American-style beer to...

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Category: Beer

Beer flight

How to Host an At-Home Beer Tasting

Getting a flight of beer at a brewery is fun, but what do you do if you want a little more variety in your labels? Hosting your own at-home beer tasting means you can create a truly unique experience. Here's how to do it. Know your audience Planning your guest list is key when it comes to hosting a tasting. Do you have guests who don't really like...

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Category: Other


The History of The Mimosa

The mimosa. A light, fizzy, refreshing favorite with the power to liven up any family get-together, make your second cousin’s baby shower tolerable, and give us all a reason to rise for an early morning brunch on any given Sunday. We've come to love this weekend tradition so much that we wanted to give credit where credit is due and learn who is...

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