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The History of The Mimosa

The mimosa. A light, fizzy, refreshing favorite with the power to liven up any family get-together, make your second cousin’s baby shower tolerable, and give us all a reason to rise for an early morning brunch on any given Sunday. We've come to love this weekend tradition so much that we wanted to give credit where credit is due and learn who is...

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Category: Beer

Closeup of two barrels outdoors

Barrel aging: what it is, & why it's important

Barrel-aged beer. Seems like a straightforward enough concept. What about the process could possibly require further explanation? Well, the effects of barrel aging are a bit more complex than they might seem. In fact, many of the unique flavor profiles of barrel-aged beers are directly attributable to this production style. Plus, for all of you...

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Category: Wine

Two glasses of white wine

Wine tasting for dummies

Good news, aspiring cork dorks: now, thanks to our handy wine tasting guide, you won't have to take out a loan on your home or start selling plasma in order to pay for sommelier school. As it turns out, you can skip sommelier school altogether, because anyone can describe the nuances of flavor and texture swirling in their glass of vino. All it...

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