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Category: Beer

Pints of beer in front of seasonal fall vegetables.

The Best Fall Beers That Aren't Pumpkin-Flavored

When fall beers come out starting each August, one style tends to dominate the taps and retail shelves: pumpkin beer. While we can’t deny the appeal of that pumpkin pie taste, you may want to enjoy some different fall-worthy beers. When the leaves turn and there’s a nip in the air, try these beers instead. Saisons A Belgian style of beer fermented...

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Category: Beer

A group of people performing a toast with beer

What's the Deal with Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers?

We’ve got some great news out there for our beer lovers who are pregnant, prioritizing their health and fitness, committing to dry January, or volunteering to DD. The market is embracing your non-alcoholic needs and preferences. Non-Alcoholic Beer is Trending Non-alcoholic beer—abbreviated “NA”—is currently a fast-growing segment in the beer...

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Category: Wine

A woman serving a man a glass of whine

What are tannins?

There’s a lot to learn about wine. The geographical variations, the winemaking process, the terminology, the elaborate tasting descriptions. Surely you can enjoy wine without knowing much. And what a gift that is. But we’d argue that the more you know, the more you can appreciate the glass in front of you. So, where’s a good place to dive in? If...

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