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Category: Beer

German town

A Visit to De Halve Mann Brewery

If I had to say one word about De Halve Mann (Half Moon) brewery, it'd be awesome . Smack dab in the middle of the medieval city of Bruge, it's the most visited brewery in Belgium, and for good reason, as it's a fully functional modern brewery, while also a piece of living history. Owner Xavier Vanneste is the sixth generation of the current...

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Categories: Beer, Wine

Beer taps

Ever Wonder How We Decide How Much Beer and How Much Wine to Offer?

But you might be wondering why we offer so much less wine on tap than we do beer. 12 taps of wine, that is, with the rest (44) being beer. This isn’t a hard and fast figure, but simply current representation of how we see the balance of availability. In other words, there are many more beers available on tap than there are wine, although this...

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