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Category: Beer

Bottles on a shelf

Does the color of your beer bottle affect the taste of your beer?

The history of the beer bottle How much thought do you give to your beer drinking vessel? Have you noticed that beer bottles vary in color? Let’s review a little history on beer bottles. Why are beer bottles brown and green? Bottled beer became popular around the 19th century because brewers thought it was the best material for keeping beer...

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Category: Beer

Bottles with Santa hats

A Great Holiday Gift for Anyone on Your List

Holiday shopping can be completely exhilarating or exhausting. What do you get the neighbor who gets your mail when you’re out of town? How about the hosts and hostesses at the five holiday parties you’re going to in the next two weeks? And then there’s your beau’s dad. Does it get much tougher? Barely. But, of course, no matter how proactive you...

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Category: Wine

Mulled wine

Indulge this Season with Mulled Wine

We’re smack in the middle of the holidays when it’s acceptable to indulge in all the treats and spirits of the season. Drinks like eggnog and mulled wine spill over at neighborhood get-togethers, during holiday parties, and on random Tuesdays. Because, why not. 'Tis the season. What is Mulled Wine? Mulled wine is one of our favorites over the...

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