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Category: Beer

Closeup of two barrels outdoors

Barrel aging: what it is, & why it's important

Barrel-aged beer. Seems like a straightforward enough concept. What about the process could possibly require further explanation? Well, the effects of barrel aging are a bit more complex than they might seem. In fact, many of the unique flavor profiles of barrel-aged beers are directly attributable to this production style. Plus, for all of you...

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Categories: Beer, Wine

Chocolate cake

How to Pair Wine and Beer with Chocolate

Few things are more divine than chocolate and wine. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it seems pretty imperative that we discuss how to pair up these culinary treasures. And given that we know a thing or two about beer, we’d also like to play matchmaker with beer and chocolate. Though often overlooked, these two make a great couple. Whether you...

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Category: Beer

Bottles on a shelf

Does the color of your beer bottle affect the taste of your beer?

The history of the beer bottle How much thought do you give to your beer drinking vessel? Have you noticed that beer bottles vary in color? Let’s review a little history on beer bottles. Why are beer bottles brown and green? Bottled beer became popular around the 19th century because brewers thought it was the best material for keeping beer...

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