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Red wine with turkey

Elevate Your Thanksgiving with Beer & Wine Pairings

Fall is here! And so are the delectable flavors of Thanksgiving. Whether you’re hosting a big family meal, or just enjoying a small dinner by the fire, the right beer and wine pairings could really make this holiday one for the history books. Elevate your Thanksgiving table with a few of the recommendations below. Roast Turkey & Amber Ales...

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Beer glasses

Fall into Flavor: Must-Try Beers and Wines for the Autumn Season

Ready or not, fall is here. We’re transitioning into perfect football weather now; soon it’ll be time for Halloween costumes, then pumpkin pies. Whatever your favorite part of fall, we’ve got the best beer and wine (and other!) to satisfy your taste buds. Best Fall Beers Oktoberfest Beers Tomorrow may be the last day of Oktoberfest, but it’s hard...

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Filling beer cup

Beer Festivals and Events

Atlanta offers so much, and the beer events here (and in the surrounding areas) are no small part of it. It feels like every year we learn about a new event to try, and we can't wait to share what we've discovered with you. September: Butterflies & Brews This one is coming up fast, but Butterflies & Brews features a picnic in the park at...

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