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Chocolate cake

How to Pair Wine and Beer with Chocolate

Few things are more divine than chocolate and wine. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it seems pretty imperative that we discuss how to pair up these culinary treasures. And given that we know a thing or two about beer, we’d also like to play matchmaker with beer and chocolate. Though often overlooked, these two make a great couple. Whether you...

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Category: Wine

Mulled wine

Indulge this Season with Mulled Wine

We’re smack in the middle of the holidays when it’s acceptable to indulge in all the treats and spirits of the season. Drinks like eggnog and mulled wine spill over at neighborhood get-togethers, during holiday parties, and on random Tuesdays. Because, why not. 'Tis the season. What is Mulled Wine? Mulled wine is one of our favorites over the...

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Category: Wine

Drinking wine

What is Green Wine?

As warmer weather rolls around, you've probably seen this Portuguese wine accompanying midday lunches and early evening dinners all around town. Ever wondered why it's so popular? We'll fill you in. A Brief History In the early 20 th Century, the farmland of Portugal’s Vinho Verde region were used mostly for corn and potatoes. Grapes were not a...

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